As We Wave Goodbye to 2019 - Happy Holidays from U.S. Elite!


Thank you for making an epic year of change possible in 2019 - you are our reason for being! Because of you, U.S. Elite was able to outfit several thousand people in mission critical high performance gear; from which we were able to help sustain our vendors, develop our Team’s skills, make a positive impact in the community...and have some fun along the way :).

A quick look back at 2019 shows how we embodied our symbol the Ouroboros. Some highlights:

  • We expanded and upgraded our Team - the heart & soul of U.S. Elite (stay tuned for more soon!)
  • We brought the warehouse back home (from an outsourced fulfillment company) so that we ship directly from our shop
  • We embarked on our Higher Purpose pilot projects to give back to the Community - first step was contribution of Salomon footwear to recovering addicts through the Warriors Heart Foundation
  • We went to another Tool concert...this time without my friend Baldy, R.I.P.
  • We started more experimenting - stay tuned in 2020...and
  • We had a helluva lot of fun! And celebrated every moment above ground

    2020 promises to be an exciting year, I’m looking forward to seeing your smiley faces when we start rolling out our initiatives. A sneak peak, just as a thank you for being awesome: stay tuned for a fresh experience with brands and products; updates on our Higher Purpose initiatives as we learn how to better connect with and serve the community; and as we roll out a better client experience, including becoming a stronger knowledge source for our community. And we will have a little teaser of things to come in January!

    We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, with peace and joy and love and laughter. Again from the bottom of my heart, thank you for your trust and support! We look forward to delighting you in 2020, stay’s to a Happy New Year for all!

    Very respectfully and with the greatest appreciation,

    Steve Keefer

    Owner, U.S. Elite

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