One Boot, One Step at a Time, Together - U.S. Elite and Warriors Heart Foundation

There’s an old proverb "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step". The journey, unique to each and every one of us, starts beneath one's feet. That journey requires feet on the ground. Solid footing. One foot, one boot. One step at a time. Forward.

Enter the Warriors Heart Foundation. Helping current and former Military, Law Enforcement & First Responders reclaim their lives and pay it forward. These men and women in Service have often seen and even done some unimaginable things. Their journey has taken them to hell, through addiction...and now they are literally in the fight of / for their lives. Many, despite incredible careers in Service, have become financially destitute. U.S. Elite is offering a helping hand. 

We have heard so many transformational success stories from Warriors Heart. Stay tuned, soon we will share an extremely personal first-hand testimony from a groundbreaking Warrior who today is 317 days sober - and every day says ‘Warriors Heart saved my life!’. His light was dimmed, he was in a very dark place, and now he has reclaimed his life and paying it forward in a beautiful way. Totally inspirational.

U.S. Elite is proud to announce our support of these Warriors, our Sisters & Brothers, through a collaboration with the Warriors Heart Foundation. U.S. Elite has shipped $50,000 of Salomon Forces footwear to the Warriors Heart Foundation in Texas. That’s 275 pair, which is a nod to our CEO Steve’s military service (yes he digs numerology, and yes that refers to 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, and hell yeah it’s true ‘Rangers Lead the Way’). This is our gift to help Warriors take their first steps into their new life. A first step, grounded with proper footwear, and more importantly the beginning of a journey ahead in life with encouragement, optimism, and accountability. The journey of a thousand miles requires commitment and conviction from the inside-out; Warriors Heart and U.S. Elite are dedicated to reinforcing the model of strength through healing - with love and dedication. 

Tom Spooner is Co-Founder of Warriors Heart and a man with a highly respectable military pedigree (if you don’t know of Tom, look him and his brother up). Tom, being the uber Warrior that he is, has challenged us to take it one step forward. Warriors Heart currently has 40 participants, every 42 days, which equates to one pair of boots per day or 365 pair per year. So we will ask you to support our quest to help our recovering Warriors - if you know someone who you believe would benefit from a pair of Salomon Forces, just know that if you purchase through U.S. Elite, a percentage will go directly onto the feet of deserving Warriors through the Warriors Heart Foundation.

We look forward to sharing the journey forward with all of you. Blaze your own trail and shine your light bright!


Very recently, Steve Keefer, the CEO of US-Elite, shared with me that one of his top priorities in business, as well as in life, was ‘community’ – ‘giving back’. It is truly gratifying to see the words followed by a demonstration of significant action.

John Howe November 12, 2019

LOVE Reading this,
Way to go, Keep showing your AWESOMENESS US Elite, You Guys Rock….

Lynn Rockstad November 11, 2019

I am a retired 25-year US Army Special Forces Veteran and Warrior’s Heart Alumni. Warrior’s Heart saved my life, so I can’t thank you enough for your support.

Pat M. November 11, 2019

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