U.S. Elite's Discovery of our Higher Purpose

We were on a surf trip on a remote beach in Mexico. Surfed all day and totally wiped, then at night we sat around the fire with a cold one (or two), chillin’. Heaven. Alternately gazing at the stars, watching ‘Ranger TV’ (translation for most of y’all: the fire) and soaking in the awesome company I was blessed to keep...I asked my then 5-year-old son ‘Simon, what’s the meaning of life?’ - to which he responded, without skipping a beat, ‘Dad, the meaning of life is to make life meaningful!’. Wow. 

That’s where we are right now with U.S. Elite - we are exploring what I call our ‘Higher Purpose’, i.e. what can we do to make life meaningful? Well for a start, our Community here is generally those currently or formerly in Service. Men and women who are sometimes asked to see or even do some unthinkable things. Our crack medical teams are awesome at patching ‘em up! Even if physical scars remain...but what about the emotional scars?

We aim to help heal, from inside out - U.S. Elite has 3 pilot projects to see how we can help make an impact. For me, first I have to give a shout out to President George Bush Sr. (nothing political here, although hell I don’t mind a respectful constructive political discussion any time!). He talked about ‘Points of Light’. For me that’s an incredibly powerful metaphor - get one Warrior back into Life, and the light brightens exponentially! What I mean is, it’s not about just one individual...we are all multi-faceted beings and if one person shines, he/she brings so much light as a mother/father, wife/husband, daughter/son, girlfriend/boyfriend, friend, community leader plus however else he/she shines...as a musician, farmer, coach etc. etc. See what I mean? See how that Point of Light becomes a beam, a beacon, a Bright Light emanating around? 

So we’ll test out 3 initiatives, learn and assess results, and then we will act accordingly. Stay tuned, we’ll announce the first one for Veterans Day...and have an epic week! 

With love and the utmost of respect,

Steve Keefer (Owner, U.S. Elite & CrossFit SOAR)

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