U.S. Elite is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), has a GSA MAS Contract, and consistently earns stellar reviews from our clientele.

Our Team is comprised of veterans, gear junkies, shooters, athletes, and folks who just like to serve. Kim will have you rolling on the floor, screaming laughter with tears in your eyes! Iron Ike balls-so-hard, and is compiling a looong list of places he's been banned for life. Paul bangs his head to Motley Crue and Abe and Dave like to break out sledgehammers and beat things without remorse. Oh, and Ed was a Nukes officer in a past life. Our mascot and Chief Motivation Officer is a rescue pup named The Shark, who has now been joined by another troublemaker named Stella. We also own and operate CrossFit SOAR, and when we’ve got some steam built up we go downstairs to WOD, or we just go outside and blow sh!t up. GET IT!


We Shall:

  • Offer only first-rate products and services.
  • Treat everyone fairly and with respect.
  • Commit to deliver a truly kickass customer experience.
  • Evolve, grow and consistently improve.
  • Have some fun along the way :).


The idea of a warrior is defined by those who embody the Warrior Spirit. A soldier who shoots bad guys in the face? Warrior. A 65-year-old CrossFitter with MS, who gets her first pullup? Warrior. A professional working two jobs, and taking care of the home, to provide for a sick spouse and kids? Warrior. A young man who lives his life with a smile on his face and never snivels even while climbing a mountain - and who, by the way, has no leg and only part of an arm? Warrior!

We exist to Enhance the Warrior Lifestyle — the spirit that defines those brave, committed and intrepid souls who seek to push themselves to their greatest limits and beyond. We honor, serve and respect these fine men and women by helping them to achieve and enhance their desired level of performance, safety, comfort and all around lifestyle.


Our CEO gives a breakdown of the symbol of our business: “This is an abstract representation of an ancient mythical creature called the Ouroboros. The Ouroboros is a constantly evolving creature with an interesting trait - to live, he must consume himself - so he is literally constantly recreating himself! For me this was an incredibly powerful concept on which to build U.S. Elite - constantly evolving, growing, dynamic - but making sacrifices to achieve the mission. This is what I strive for; the Team, Culture, and Community I want to build and be a part of.

A second meaning is from our heritage as ‘Snake Eaters’ (literally, some of my tastiest meals at certain points of my life). For those who choose to see it, there’s a third meaning deriving from ‘Don’t Tread on Me’.”


With U.S. Elite, Steve has closed the loop between his military background and his entrepreneurial nature. Steve was looking for a way to re-engage the Community and pursue a livelihood at the same time, so acquiring U.S. Elite (previously ‘US Elite Gear’) was a natural fit. From Wharton, Steve went to that bastion of greed formerly known as ‘Wall Street’. He had a client who wanted to buy the national brewery of Egypt, so Steve helped IPO ‘Pyramids Brewery’ on the London Stock Exchange.

Well what could be better than working with friends in a brewery? So he moved his family to Egypt and joined the new Team, doing a massive turnaround and expansion, and selling the business to Heineken 5 years later. Blue chip institutions more than doubled their investment at a time when the benchmark market was down nearly 80%, and each of 5,000 employees benefited tremendously as shareholders in the business.

Steve grew to manhood and earned his stripes in BCo 3rd Platoon 2nd Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment, where he was a founding member of the mighty War Toads. (He’ll take the Fifth on any rumors about why he’s called ‘The Godfather’.) He has traveled extensively for business and pleasure, and can occasionally be found at a reclusive surfing spot, where it is rumored he inspired the song ‘Wipeout!’. He is the Founder of CrossFit SOAR and sometimes goes by the alias Kublai Khan when competing.