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U.S. Elite is hiring!

U.S. Elite is looking for a kickass Customer Care Ninja, to offer our customers the velvet touch and an amazing experience! Full time position based in Hawthorne, NJ. Veterans, outdoor enthusiasts preferred. Must be warm, organized Team player with excellent written and verbal communications skills and able to thrive in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment.

Please send a cover letter with an explanation of why you're attracted to this position and would make a good fit, along with your resume, to No calls, no walk-ins please. Thank you for your interest! Job description is below.


Customer Care Ninja Job Description


U.S. Elite LLC is a fast-growing multi-channel dealer of premium outdoor and tactical gear. More about the Company can be found here. Gear can provide the difference between life and death for our users, and certainly makes a huge difference in performance, safety and comfort. The Customer Care Ninja needs to be able to understand this when making connections with our customers.

We operate in a very fast paced, rapidly growing, entrepreneurial environment. The Customer Care Ninja needs to be the type of person that would thrive in a startup environment - embracing new challenges, getting outside his/her comfort zone, creating enduring systems, multitasking and deploying good problem solving skills. This position requires outstanding people skills, a real service orientation, excellent verbal and written communication, superior organizational abilities, along with a follow-up orientation. The Ninja will need to feel comfortable on the software programs we use. While this position is unique, to put in a more generally understood context: it is sort of a combination of Customer Service and Inside Sales.

The Customer Care Ninja is the point-person for customer interactions and is tasked with not only helping customers, but engaging them, through a variety of channels such as via telephone, livechat, email, social media, video and in person (whether in the shop, or at meetings/events). The aim is to create a first-class experience that fosters fierce customer loyalty and differentiates us from others. The Customer Care Ninja reports to [TBD], with close working relationships with other members of the Team.

The Customer Care Ninja is the primary vanguard of the Company’s reputation and must be able to communicate well with a range of customers, from Special Operations Forces (who generally use the gear for work) to ‘TactiCool’ customers (who usually use the gear for play) to professional federal/military buyers (who procure but do not use the gear). As such, the candidate must possess a basic understanding / concern for tactical gear, issues and associated lifestyles / professions. (Mandatory training will be provided but basic knowledge is a plus.) Ideally the candidate will also be an outdoor enthusiast; Veterans preferred.

The Customer Care Ninja will also serve as a backup for our Government Sales department. In this capacity, the Ninja will generate quotes for government RFQ’s, which requires checking pricing and availability of products, and putting together quotes for our customers.

The Customer Care Ninja’s position is both reactive and proactive. Reactive in the sense of answering phones, emails, Facebook messages and live chat; and dealing with walk-in customers.

Proactive in terms of:

  • Actively reaching out to key customers and maintaining open communications to build/maintain relationships
  • Initiating communication on live chat to engage customers
  • Managing Shopper Approved Seller Ratings
  • Answering social media messages, or promptly directing to the appropriate Team member
  • Suggesting/creating ways to better serve customers e.g. suggesting a better system, or a piece of content that addresses a frequently asked question
  • There will be many more examples as we progress (this is a newly created position)
  • Reporting current trends, issues and potential solutions to Management
  • Solution-oriented communications with the Team to solve issues and create a better customer / Team experience
  • Writing regular ‘Dear Ninja’ blog posts (e.g. ‘did you know that you should get a half size larger for Salomon Goretex footwear?’)

The Customer Care Ninja owns the Customer Service email account. Further, this person will need to take on additional roles and responsibilities as necessary, such as covering for time-sensitive tasks due to absences with colleagues or addressing special projects. We are a small business with huge ambitions so everyone wears a few hats. For example, the Customer Care Ninja will generate quotes for government RFQ’s from time to time.

KPI’s / Successful candidate traits

  • Customer satisfaction / delight
  • Sales will naturally occur as the Customer Care Ninja wows customers
  • Timeliness, clarity and effectiveness of communications (verbal and written)
  • Calm and positive with a ‘can-do’ attitude, even under stressful circumstances
  • Empathy - ability to understand and relate to customers and end users - build rapport!
  • Team player who is eager to learn and join a growing startup
  • Problem solver - make decisions and find creative solutions to issues
  • Prior experience in the ecommerce industry (online sales and online customer care) is preferred but not a must
  • Ready and willing to discover a new industry and its products; self-taught with a desire to research additional information about our products and our customers
  • Willing to live Our Covenant (as per our About page)