Top Rated Cold Weather Boots

Having a tough time picking out the perfect boot for this cold weather season? As per usual, we got your back! We are about to hit you with some cold, hard, icy (pun intended) facts that will guide you to the perfect cold weather boot.

Salomon FORCES Sua Sponte Mark III

First one up, the Sua Sponte Mark III, this boot has the classic comfort of the XA FORCES series. We have partnered with Salomon FORCES once more to give a new sleek look that is perfect for those taking care of “business” in the Metropolitan area. A slip resistant boot with Gore-Tex liner gives you the unsurpassed waterproofing you know you need this season!  The boots come in an exclusive Wolf Gray color, some would say it makes you feel like a bad-ass Wolf on the prowl… some. 


Next, we have the Salomon XA FORCES 8" GTX EN. This boot has all the features of the XA FORCES EN series boots in an 8" boot. Those who say size doesn’t matter have never felt the sweet ankle support these babies provide! You can also count on the Gore-Tex all the way through to make sure your feet stay dry and warm in snowy and wet conditions. A must try!


We love the LOWA Zephyr GTX MID TF, it is awesome, made with a combination of materials such as leather and Cordura® fabric on the upper part for enhanced protection and long-term durability. LOWA’s technology makes this one of the best all-weather duty boots in the market. The Gore-Tex keeps you dry and LOWA’s polyurethane Monowrap® will give you unparalleled support. You might consider this boot for hiking, patrolling, or if you are in more of a mild climate. 


Last but not least, you’ll want to consider the LOWA Zephyr GTX HI TF. Perfect for those times you want the proven all-weather functionality of the Mid-height Zephyrs but with even more ankle support and wetness protection. This tall-shafted boot is great for moving through tough terrain or doing high jumps!

There you have it, friends. These are our top rated picks for the best cold weather boots on the market. Whichever one of these four boots you decide on, we are hopeful that they will fit your specific needs! We appreciate you and we can’t wait to hear how you are enjoying and kicking ass in your new kicks! Check out all of the cold weather gear here

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