Black Triangle Interview with Aaron aka the Mastermind

We sat down with Black Triangle founder Aaron to talk Black Triangle, G10, and Danger Ranger Saves the Galaxy and how he effortlessly blends self-defense with retro 80’s style.

Hi Aaron, Thanks so much for talking with us today.  We’re so stoked about the collaboration between U.S. Elite and Black Triangle for the Danger Ranger Special Edition MK2M3.

Tell us a little about your background and what inspired you to start your company.

Veteran-turned private/government security contractor. I had a failing startup and some ideas from my security jobs, and decided to give it one last chance as a business.  

What are you doing when you aren't making self-defense tools?

Being a dad and getting choked out in Jiu Jitsu.

Do you have a family, kids, or most importantly dogs?  Tell us about them.

I am a family man. We have two dogs, one of which is an extremely neurotic English Lab. 

What strange pet peeve do you have?

People who are not punctual.

What is the benefit of G10?

It is an extremely resilient material that can also go places traditional defensive tools cannot.

What inspired the design for this dagger?  What are its key features?

The MK2M3 is the smallest of the Midnight Creeper family. It is inspired by World War II daggers. The MK2M2's key feature is the size. It conceals well for both small and large framed people without sacrificing dexterity or control. 

If you were a character in Danger Ranger Saves the Galaxy who would your character be?

The space mercenary with a dry sense of humor.

Favorite awesomely terrible 80s movie?

I cannot pick something that is both terrible and awesome, so I'll just say Big Trouble in Little China (definitely not terrible).

Can you share a photo of yourself from the 80's? Please tell me you were born in the 80s???

God, I'm so old. I will send this SEPCOR.

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