High-end outdoor clothing for the tactical crowd.

Unless you’re an avid outdoor hunter, bordering on the extreme, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of SITKA. SITKA is a Montana-based company founded on two things: hunting and gear. They started in 2005 and have dominated the high-performance hunting world. Some of the principles that made SITKA so successful are their system-based mentality (working in layers), extensive research and development in not only fabrics and materials, but also in user movements, and in their continual push to improve what is currently available. 

SITKA’s new Arrowhead Equipment line caters to the tactical crowd and their unique needs. It’s refreshing to see a company like SITKA take an interest in tactical clothing because most of what is currently available isn’t that great. Most tactical clothing is cut for static range use and it shows in the saggy sleeves and pant legs, overly large torso shapes, and generally poor materials selection. SITKA has competitors that cater to quality outdoor and hunting clothing, but most of those companies seem shy about supporting the second amendment and many fear pushback from today’s cancel culture. SITKA Arrowhead Equipment has none of these fears and only desires to support those serving on our front lines and those interested in tactical activities with the best clothing and gear possible. 

SITKA Arrowhead Equipment clothing, like everything SITKA does, is a layer system that leverages base, mid, and outer layers to allow the end user to pick and choose exactly what they need. Each of these new layers will cater to the tactical user in color, cut, and material. Initial colors offered will include black, coyote, lead (gray), and Multicam. Ranger Green will make an appearance later this year. 

One of the most unique and valuable characteristics about SITKA products is the amount of research and development that they put into each garment, and we’ll be taking a closer look at many of these garments in the future. Efforts completed for the SITKA Arrowhead Equipment line included a study of typical body movements made during tactical use. People in these situations can be static for long periods of time and then make sudden intense movement. Clothing used in this environment also needs to allow a full range of motion when running, climbing, quickly laying on the ground (and getting up again), as well as bending and reaching. The unpredictable nature of the tactical environment made development difficult, but well worth the effort. SITKA also looked at the gear people use in the tactical realm and put pockets and pouches in the most appropriate places. 

 SITKA’s Arrowhead Equipment line promises to be the go-to choice for professionals and serious civilian users alike. SITKA is leveraging its massive research and development capabilities as well as manufacturing know-how to put behind this new effort. The end result is the finest and most relevant tactical clothing ever produced. The days of choosing between mediocre and baggy “tactical” clothing or high-end but re-purposed hunting clothing (with pockets and zippers in all the wrong spots) are over. 

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