Every outdoor clothing plan needs to have at least one piece devoted to a multifunctional role. This piece is usually a mid-layer because it can be worn over other clothing, under wet weather gear, or as a standalone item. The best multifunctional garment for every clothing plan is SITKA Arrowhead Equipment’s new Midlayer Hoody.

The Midlayer Hoody gets its DNA from the Fanatic Hoody belonging to the Whitetail line. The Polartec material has a hard face combined with power stretch underneath. This combination gives the hoody excellent warmth, (which is what makes it an ideal fit for a midlayer) but the hard face is also durable, allowing the garment to be worn as an outer layer. 

Any item of clothing taken to the field needs to accomplish more than one task. There’s too little space and too much weight on and in any soldier’s ruck to add items that only do one thing. The Midlayer Hoody is designed to be a midlayer and it does that well. Wear it between base and outer layers when it’s cold outside and life will be good. The Hoody also functions as an outer layer that won’t get torn up when laying in the prone or moving through brush. Polartec is quiet when worn as an outer layer, so it’s a better choice than any other item of clothing when the guy wearing it needs to be both warm and quiet. The polartec material offers the added advantage of some degree of water resistance. However, even when it’s soaked it still retains warmth. Having one or two items tucked away that can keep you warm when everything is wet is invaluable. Being wet is uncomfortable, but being cold and wet is miserable. Ideally, there will always be a dry piece of gear tucked away to avoid this scenario, but the unexpected happens so it’s best to have a plan for that. This Hoody is that plan. 

The Midlayer Hoody is available in both black and coyote colors and it has a full-length zipper up front that makes it easy to put on or take off. The sleeve cuffs have thumbholes in them that keep the sleeves in place when throwing an outer layer over the top. The Hoody also has an integral mask built in to protect the face when it’s cold outside. When not in use it sits unobtrusively inside the hood until it’s needed. 

The pocket layout is appropriate for a midlayer that might see dual use as an outer layer. There are two lower torso hand pockets with some internal compartmentalization. These keep hands warm but also hold car keys and wallets just fine. If a guy wants a little more security, there is a zippered chest pocket on the left side that holds a wallet or cell phone or other mission essential items. 

The Midlayer Hoody isn’t the only SITKA Arrowhead garment made from Polartec. There is also the Midlayer Pullover which is made from the same material, but has a half-zip on the chest to help shed heat when working hard. The left-side chest pocket remains, but the lower torso hand pockets are absent. You can tuck this one into your pants for maximum heat retention and for maximum style points when you’re prowling for the ladies. 

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