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Oh man, what a great party - wait, what’s that? You couldn’t come? Oh well, that’s alright, there’s always next year.

Here’s the deal though - even if you didn’t make it to the 2020 Gundie Awards, you can pick up one of these exclusive U.S. Elite Tees from the event. Guaranteed to make you 100% more badass*, and 200% more comfortable* - these soft 50/50 blend tees are great for just about anything.

Our standard U.S. Elite Tee is a favorite amongst our friends and family. This one is sure to please as well. It’s a classic tee in a lightweight 50/50 blend with a worn-in, ultra-soft feel, and some unique event artwork - what more could you want from a tee?

*we can’t guarantee that it will actually make you more badass or more comfortable, but we’d like to think it helps


  • Ultra-soft
  • Wrinkle resistant fabric


  • 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester





U.S. Elite 2020 Gundie Awards Shirt