Quick Step-Guide for Quicklace Replacement


US Elite’s Warrior of Vendor Relations, Ed Castellanos, and Eastern Territory Manager of Tactical and Government Sales for AmerSports, Hugh Rickenbacker are together again for another video - and this time they’re talking re-lacing.

The patented Quicklace system, which is compatible with Salomon Footwear and Nordic ski boots, enables fast and easy adjustment of laces on the fly.  This ensures that they never untie or have loose ends. One of the biggest questions we get is how to actually put on the Quicklace system when it breaks or it’s time to replace it.  Though it doesn’t happen all the time, it’s good to know how if you’re in that situation.

In this video, you will be guided each step of the way during the process of replacing your Quicklace system on your Salomon boot.   All of the materials you will need are highlighted in the video.  Some of the materials include the Quicklace replacement system, a knife and a torch of some kind.  Ed and Hugh also answer other popular questions we get asked about this process as the demonstration goes on.

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