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We know Salomon FORCES

As your top Salomon FORCES dealer, we sell a lot of pairs of Salomon FORCES boots.  That means that we have spent a lot of time getting really familiar with the ins and outs of each model.  There are currently more than two dozen models in the Salomon FORCES line of boots, each with unique features and missions.  To help you get the best tactical boot for YOUR unique mission, we have put together this comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about the entire Salomon FORCES line of tactical boots and footwear.

What's included in the Salomon FORCES Buyer's Guide
Inside the Salomon FORCES Buyer's Guide you will find 25 pages everything you ever wanted to know Salomon FORCES boots.  There is a visual guide to the full Salomon FORCES line, a list of Goretex models, a list of Non-Goretex models, a weight comparison chart for those looking for lightweight options at a glance, and individual product sheets for each model with an easy to read list of features.
Salomon FORCES Buyer's Guide Download