Going through a myriad of experiences as a soldier, warrior, and security professional has given me a unique perspective on the way that different situations are handled. I will never forget the times that my gear has saved my life and the lives of others. I also will never forget the craptical gear that I have encountered over the years.

Craptical gear, or the gear that was not up to par with the standards that you would expect for professional soldiers and warriors, is something that many professionals in my field eventually discover.

I can remember a time when I ran into many individuals and companies that were offering tactical gear that was not appropriate for my needs as a warrior. In fact, I would not recommend the gear to even the most casual adventurer or hiker. Despite their attempt to sell a product that was clearly not meant for the potentially dangerous situations that I expected to face as a soldier, I was always careful when I was selecting gear.

There is something about individuals or companies that try to give the feeling that they are authentic or that they are providing a service that you need. I noticed that there were some key factors that they lacked.

There were three key factors that I noticed the individuals and companies lacked:

  • Strong moral fiber
  • Honesty
  • A genuine character

Strong moral fiber is essential for individuals or companies that are selling or providing tactical gear to soldiers. Soldiers need gear that is capable of handling the physical rigors of our job. We cannot put up with gear that will fall apart after a weekend of gardening. Every item from our boots to our weaponry and compass must be able to handle the situations that we are likely to face.

Any time that I discovered that a company or individual did not have a strong moral compass, I ran for the hills. A lack of morals means that the individual or company does not care to provide the gear that is necessary for the physical rigors of a soldier's job. We cannot protect others if the gear that we are using is defective, poorly designed or is causing more problems than it is helping to resolve. Along with a lack of moral fiber, I noticed that many individuals or companies were simply lying about their products. Honesty is a quality that is always appreciated, especially when it relates to the gear that you are using.

When I am told that a particular item can withstand harsh conditions, I expect to see that it is strong and durable. I would never expect it to fall apart during a weekend hiking excursion. I was disappointed when I discovered that some companies or individuals were lying about their products. I did not need to test out the gear to tell that it would not put up with the harsh conditions that I expected to face as a soldier. I always walked away when I discovered a lie.

Genuine character means that the individual will not offer platitudes, fake smiles or a response that is clearly geared toward selling a product without any thought for the consequences of the product. Unfortunately, my experiences with companies and individuals who were selling tactical gear often felt fake or forced. I could tell that something was off by the obviously false smiles.

My experiences with gear that was not up to my standards were daunting. I faced a myriad of unnecessary hassles, challenges, and delays as a direct result of the gear that wore out too quickly or was damaged with a little push in an outdoor setting. I expect my gear to handle any terrain or danger that I might face. It should not fall apart when I am waiting for the appropriate time to act.

After my experiences with craptical gear and the companies that produced the gear, I made a promise to ensure that other warriors would not face the same challenges. That is why I became involved as a sales executive in tactical gear. We should not be providing gear that will reduce the effectiveness of our soldiers.

By getting involved in the development and sales of tactical gear, I am able to provide other soldiers with the tools they need to ensure that they are able to handle any of the challenges or curve balls that may be thrown their way.

Good tactical gear is durable. It is strong. It is able to handle any terrain, situation or unexpected challenge without falling apart. The gear should not be easily damaged or destroyed. Even though I have had experiences with gear that was not up-to-par, I have also found gear that is strong enough to handle the roughest situations. I feel confident that my gear is appropriate for my needs and that it will not let me down when I need it the most.

It is a myth that a duck's quack does not echo, just as it is a myth that a lot of tactical gear is not up to the specifications of a warrior. I trust my gear because I know that it will not fail at a critical moment.

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