July 2021 SIGINT

Welcome to the first edition of our monthly SIGINT (Signal Intelligence)! Here, we gather the best gossip, articles, news, tips, and finds each month from the interweb that caught our attention So, if you don't have any distractions in your day, this is a great place to stop by and discover new rabbit holes. Very interesting and trending rabbit holes. Happy reading!

Defying traditional media outlets and their rules
NY Times
Vintage look and feel but never worn without underwear
Same locations and genre but a new "game-changing" character
The latest app from Silicon Valley for avid outdoor adventurers
Perhaps they should use the same scrutiny as gamers
The Atlantic
Four cameras from top brands complete with bells and whistles
CA gun owners continue to fight for their rights
Pew Pew Tactical
Heel or Foot striking is a matter of preference
Runner's World
Eight must haves when running with your dog
Men's Journal
Are you prepared for an attack from behind the wheel?
NRA Shooting Illustrated
Practice these tips to keep your knife shiny and sharp
Pew Pew Tactical
If your breakfast is lacking in protein, this may be for you

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I am not normally a fan of curated lists (a notable exception being Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training), but this was a very good first effort. I liked the breadth, and am looking forward to future editions.

Marcus July 31, 2021

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