September 2021 SIGINT

Thanks for supporting our third edition of the monthly SIGINT (Signal Intelligence)! If you’re new here, this is where you can see what we are secretly Googling while we work. On our breaks of course... These articles are pure entertainment and inspiration. Let us know which one is your favorite.

Dean Stott Lives The Special Forces Ethos “Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence”

How he turned his pre-deployment injuries into a record breaking journey 

Men's Journal

Incredible Wooden Robots Depict the Warrior’s Experience of Sacrifice and Loss

Some Give All is a beautiful exhibit of the too often untold stories of soldiers

Daniel Smith Kaminski

Hunting As A Wholistic Lifestyle - Not A BloodSport

Hushin' is changing the general perception of hunting


Dream Guns of SOCOM

14 must-see rifles, SMGs, pistols, and more

Pew Pew Tactical

Simplifying Dynamic Range Photography

Tips on how to start to master this stunning and challenging art

Photography Concentrate

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

Every way to make the perfect camp cup of joe


The Workouts You Need For Rucking

Hunter Dustin Diefenderfer shows how to train for ultramarathons

Men's Journal

Reservations Required: Yellowstone National Park

Changes for reservations are in store after August saw the most visitors to Yellowstone to date

Conde Nast Traveler

Apple's Newest Pocket Computers

An impressive camera, fantastic specs, and new colors


Gun Optics At A Price Anyone Can Afford

The newest products are as hot as the gun and ammunition market

Shooting Illustrated

The Overland Expo Is Back In Full Swing

Get the recap of the unbelievable annual trade show


Japanese Magazines That Complement Your Sushi

You only look at the pictures anyway - why not check out these top magazines? 

The Journal by Huckberry


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