November 2021 SIGINT

We’re grateful for you and we’re giving thanks by sharing our fifth edition of our monthly SIGINT (Signal Intelligence)! Join the thanksgiving table with the best gossip, articles, news, and tips that we love. We’ve even got something for your strange aunt who’s obsessed with essential oils. Happy Thanksgiving!

It's the day before Thanksgiving. If you still have no idea what to do with the 20 pound turkey in your fridge, here's our favorite recipe for turkey 

I've been making it for a decade. It's simple, involves lots of butter, and comes out perfect every time.

Bon Appetit 


Gun Maintenance in a small package 

Sounds like a stocking stuffer to us!


They're your go to for blades and now...pens???


The polaroid is dead...or is it?


30 days, 539 miles, and 400,000 feet of elevation gain 

Meet the new Max Vert world record holder.

Gear Junkie


Are these affordable holsters too good to be true?


SIG Unveils Custom Works Concierge Service for Built-to-Order P320
Guns America


Polartec's new secret ingredient is...peppermint?
Gear Junkie


"How to build an AR-15"

New Interactive Video Series just dropped at Brownell's


Advice for layering for your body type and metabolism this winter from the Randy Newberg crew

Gear Junkie


When to upgrade your carry gun

The Firearm Blog

Rob Leatham released his first ever video training series

9 lessons covering advanced handgun shooting mechanics

The Bigger Circle

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