Historical Highlights - June 14th

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June 14th means it's time to wish the United States Army a well-deserved happy birthday!

The Continental Army was established by a Congressional resolution on July 14th. It evolved in structure and force composition as the fledgling American nation gained military experience and support from European allies. The force that helped secure American independence was disbanded soon after the Revolutionary War, due to the distrust of  large standing military forces that had part of why the American Revolution started. 

But due to continuing skirmishes on the new nation's frontier, it was decided that small professional force was still required. This force was first known as the "Regular Army", then reorganized into the Legion of the United States, until 1796, when it was finally renamed to simply, "United States Army".

Throughout the Army's 242 year history, it has encompassed many of the major tactical and technological evolution in military history. The development of armored formations, extensive use of combat helicopters, and the emerging presence of special operations forces have all been entwined with the Army's history. Even the first use of air power by the US military is tied to the Army!

The Army will continue to be the bedrock of American military capability, and will continue to evolve its capabilities as it tackles the the unknown strategic problems the United States will undoubtedly face.

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I served a short time during the Army’s 242 year history, from 1980-2002. I’m very proud of my service, and ,,,,sometimes,,,,, I miss it a lot. Thanks to all my fellow brothers and sisters who also served.

Edmond W Holcombe June 18, 2017

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