December 2021 SIGINT

As we arrive closer to Christmas we’re wishing you and your family safe travels and a wonderful New Year season. Here’s our gift of the sixth edition of our monthly SIGINT (Signal Intelligence). By the way, it’s totally cool if you want to regift this to someone who might like it.

The Best Running Shoes of 2021

Gear Junkie

Stay Warmer Longer With These Layering Tricks

5 Bucket List Upgrades To Make A Killer Overland Truck


Rituals Are Important to Warriors and Doing Them Should Be Important To You Too

Watch Why You Should Ruck

The Journal

Subsonic shotgunning, New SiCo EVO ATF eForms

The Firearm Blog

Things That Don’t Suck: Benchmade Mini Bugout 533BK-2 EDC Folding Knife

The Truth About Guns

Dumbest Ways We Train With Firearms

NRA Shooting Illustrated

Growing Demand Sparks EOTECH Move, New Manufacturing Facilities and Headquarters

The Firearm Blog

Try These Common-Sense Tips For Making The Perfect Smoothie Every Time

Muscle and Fitness

Ninjas Were Cool, But Not In The Way We Know Them


Springfield Armory Introduces Their New 1911 Operator Pistol

The Firearm Blog

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