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Warriors - I hope you find this piece as entertaining as I do. Right now, we are all dealing with a very serious COVID-19 outbreak. This virus does not know race, creed, wealth, religion, sexuality, etc. - we really are all in this together. Having said that, each of us has our own unique perspective on what’s happening. And despite hardship and loss, humor is a great antidote. As per our previous update, Iron Ike is our only team member in the shop, right now, receiving product and shipping orders. Here’s his unique perspective on the current situation.


U.S. Elite Warehouse

Welcome to my Warehouse - Step Inside my Mind

Knowing myself, I realize that I have the perfect job.

Let me preface this with the admission that I am generally not a “glass half full” guy.  The bright side is usually bright because it’s on fire. I find peace and comfort in the quiet solitude of the outdoors. I camp alone, I hike alone, fish alone…hell I even golf alone. I would drink alone if I could figure out some way to carry myself home. My childhood hero, Dick Proenneke, remains my hero to this day (Note - If you‘re not familiar with Dick Proenneke, you’re not permitted to read further). 

With that being said, I can’t convey how comfortable I am that we are now required to keep at least six feet away from other people.  It’s being called “social distancing” and mandated by our elected officials in response to the Corona Virus.

This virus is highly contagious and dangerous to folks who have preexisting conditions. I understand the reason for this and I also couldn’t be happier about the mandate.  In fact, I feel like I’ve been training for this my entire adult life. The only difference is now we want to limit the infection rate of this virus whereas for years, I have been trying to limit my exposure to stupidity. 

The point being, as I have gotten older, I have noticed more and more of these stupid, inconsiderate people in the world.  As their numbers have exponentially increased, my ability to tolerate them has decreased to the point where I have no tolerance. This is why I have consciously socially distanced myself more and more every passing year. Now, these people are required to keep six feet away from me and its phenomenal. The government is finally doing something to make my life easier. 

There is an old Japanese saying that loosely translates to,

“The only cure for stupidity is death”

No, that doesn’t necessarily mean that stupid people should be killed. What it does mean is if you are a stupid person, there is no cure.  Sort of like a virus.


In Memoriam

On a more serious note -- this update is in honor of Ben Luderer, a family friend of Iron Ike’s and his son’s awesome baseball coach. Ben was a precious soul who passed away at the young age of 32 from complications associated with COVID-19. We wish his loving wife and family condolences for their grief in a very tough time in which they’re unable to even hold a funeral to mourn.

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