Arc'teryx Leaf Khard 60 First Impressions : Jim Erwin – U.S. Elite Gear

Initial impressions of the new Arc’teryx LEAF Khard 60 backpack:

Right off the bat, the pack is mach larger (3660 cubic inches) than it looks! It doesn’t look like a “rifle bag” and it's very lightweight for its size (77.4oz). Arc'teryx is the master at finding ways to reduce weight wherever they can and still building a piece of gear that is robust and feature rich. They are meticulous in their attention to detail and you can see it everywhere you look on the pack. They reduced the size of the webbing they use on the outside of the pack, instead of using more padding to get comfort in the shoulder and waist straps, they used a better quality, dual density material. I look forward to putting it on and seeing how it feels.

You can read more about the Khard 60 and pick one up here.


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