U.S. Elite Easter Egg Hunt

It's almost Easter and the Easter Bunny has been busy hiding some of our favorite tactical gear in the Collector's museum.  How many Easter eggs can you spot? Find them all and you could get 15% off your next order at U.S. Elite.
Here's how to play:

  1. Download or screenshot this image
  2. Count how many products you can find in the image.
  3. Send the number of products you think are hidden to content@us-elitegear.com.
  4. The first 20 people to find all of the Easter eggs will get 15% off of their next order. (Codes will be emailed to the winners next week.)

Because we're nice, but not too nice, we also put together a collection of products to give you some hints.  There's a catch though - all of the products in the image are listed somewhere in the collection, but not all the products in the collection are hidden in the image.  Come on, we couldn't make it too easy.

Hint: https://www.us-elitegear.com/collections/easter-egg-hunt

Good hunting!

*Easter egg hunt ends at 12 pm EST Monday, 4/19


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