End of Federal Fiscal Year Spending-Part Two

On to week two of our U.S. Federal Government Spending blog series.  A quick reminder: There are two important components to this funding: if an organization does not use all of its allotted funding for the year, it will be viewed as not needing to be approved for as big a budget the following year.  Secondly, the funds will disappear come October 1. The “common budget” is $3,000, but it also depends on the unit, individual needs and other factors.

Continuing our efforts to help put your money to good use, US Elite recruited Mike Baldwin, otherwise known as “Gear Guide,” for this week’s recommendations.  Mike is an Airborne Infantryman who loves Taylor Swift. He also went to college...twice. Here’s what he has to say:

“What I would recommend: spending some last-minute funds on things that will help at the individual level.  You’re already splurging, so why not help out the individuals making your organization tick?

Velocity Systems Scarab LT Plate Carrier ($299.00): This is a great choice because it is lightweight, allows for a high-level of freedom of movement and can fill a number of roles. End of Fiscal year also means Fall and Winter, so a heavier carrier would be appreciated by those guys spending long hours on their feet.
Salomon  X Alp MTN GTX ($279.95): My vote as the #1 choice for GTX footwear.  They are comfortable, require no break in period and are extremely durable.
Arc’teryx Naga Hoody : This hoody will provide a great base layer for colder months. It features an athletic cut that looks great as a standalone piece and doesn’t restrict movement. The materials feel extremely soft, yet provide a very pleasant level of warmth.”

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My favorite time of the fiscal year! New boots, gortex and gear!

Jim Gregg September 13, 2019

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