Blood Sweat & Tears - Memorial Day Honorarium for the Fallen

In our current society, Memorial Day has come to mean shopping sales, swimming pool openings, change of fashion for summer, etc. This event is about coming together to reclaim Memorial Day’s spirit and honor those that have fallen in the line of duty. Veterans, Military, Law Enforcement, Loved Ones & Patriots are invited. This will be an inclusive, non-political event. Everyone is invited to submit name(s) of the fallen to be roll called.

We are calling our Memorial Day Event 'Blood Sweat & Tears':

  • Blood - we will sign up to give blood on Tuesday, May 30th, from 4-7 PM. Encouraged but optional. (If you do decide to donate, make sure to eat and drink before, and bring a picture ID.) This is symbolic of sacrifice and giving back.

  • Sweat - we will have the opportunity to do a communal WOD (workout of the day) on Thursday, May 25, at 6:30 pm. Encouraged but optional. Please sign this waiver We will sweat together, to get together.

  • Tears - we will do a final roll call, accompanied by Taps, for each name submitted for a Fallen Warrior. This will be held after on Thursday, May 25, after WOD.

All ages welcome. We will have WWII Veterans, including POW’s, in attendance.

P.S. We are building a Warrior Wall - if you'd like to be represented, please bring your Unit Patch and/or pix of you (or a loved one) in action. This Warrior Wall will be on-site at U.S. Elite.

The event is for free, but registration is a must. Click here to register


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