Ask a Ninja Wednesday 1/10

Welcome back to US Elite, where we provide first-rate equipment for a first-rate experience. This week, we are talking the midlayer. The midlayer is crucial to proper temperature regulation as it directly keeps warmth in close to your body!

In this week’s video, Ed, our vendor relations business development manager, showcases the Arc’teryx LEAF Naga Hoody ¼ Zip- your ideal piece for a midlayer!

Why is that? Designed as a versatile and thermal midlayer, the Naga Hoody ¼ Zip has several unique features that we would like to share.

Quarter Length Front Zipper

The the Naga Hoody ¼ Zip is designed to be an extremely versatile piece- your one hoody for all weather. Arc’teryx has equipped this piece with a quarter length zipper, crucial for proper ventilation. While the hoody material is thermal, the material is also permeable as to let air in and out. You are in control- simply zip up or down to regulate temperature.

Front Pocket

The Naga Hoody ¼ Zip features a prominent front pocket designed for your electronics. It doesn’t get much more tactical than that- simply place your phone in your front pocket and loop your headphones directly through your hoody. This front pocket is also great for items such as wallet and keys that you want to keep extra secure. 

Separated Hood and Neck Collar

We want to reemphasize that the Naga Hoody ¼ Zip is your ideal piece for a midlayer! The neck collar provides head and neck support while the low-profile hood can be used independently for temperature regulation. When the hood is down, it can be conveniently tucked away. If you are looking for more warmth, simply prop the hood up. 



N.B. Due to the looser fit of the Naga Hoody ¼ Zip, we recommend rounding up a size if you are in between.

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