**All Sales Final. No Returns/Exchanges Accepted** 

By ordering ETA Kits, you warrant that you have the required training and authorizations to use the contained items. ITS Tactical assumes no liability for their misuse.

This product is sold as a hygienic, ready-to-use medical supply item and can't be returned for refund or credit if the vacuum sealed packaging has been tampered with, punctured or unsealed. Once the seal has been compromised we'll be unable to effectively determine if the components inside the kit have been rendered contaminated or no longer sterile. If an ETA or EDC Trauma Kit becomes unsealed during transit, please contact us immediately upon arrival so that we can remedy the situation.

Developed by our 18D Corpsman and following the CoTCCC Guidelines, the ITS ETA Kit combines the best products on the market to treat the three leading preventable causes of death in the field. These are Extremity Hemorrhage, 60%; Tension Pneumothorax, 33% and Airway Obstruction, 6%.

Basic Kit Contents

  • QuikClot Combat Gauze LE (Features X-Ray Detectable Strip)
  • HALO Chest Seal (1 Standard, 1 Vented)
  • Pressure Dressing (4")
  • Elastic Bandage (4")
  • Z-Fold Dressing
  • Combat Casualty Card
  • Nitrile Gloves (1 Pair)
  • Pencil
  • Contents List w/ CoTCCC Care Under Fire Instructions

Our ETA Trauma Kits are available in a wide vacuum-sealed configuration referred to as the Fatboy or a tall vacuum-sealed configuration referred to as the "Tallboy."

ETA Trauma Kits in Fatboy configurations fit our Fatboy Trauma Kit Pouches either sealed or broken down for easy access to the individual components. They're also better suited for cargo pockets if you're not using a pouch for storage. Just make sure for best practice that where you'll be carrying it is designated as containing a medical kit.

Every item in our ETA Kit is carefully selected to complement the others and serve multiple purposes. We stress the importance of having an ETA Kit within your reach at all times and these have been made to conveniently fit in a cargo pocket, glove box, backpack, laptop bag, briefcase, you name it. For a more compact Pocket Trauma Kit, please check out the ITS EDC Kit.

Purchasing an ETA Kit allows you to be prepared and carry the essentials to save your life and those around you. What's a life worth to you? Just remember, it might not always be you that's using your kit. Having the components available for someone better trained than you to use on your treatment can be just as important.

We highly recommend augmenting our ETA Kits with the SOFTT-W Tourniquet and optionally adding Molly Stix to make an ETA Trauma Kit Pouch quick releasable. Each ETA Kit is hand assembled and vacuum sealed right here at ITS HQ in Texas.

Expiration dates vary depending on individual components, but we strive to provide at least a two-year shelf life for the first to expire item.

Each ETA Kit is vacuum sealed and completely latex-free.