The key feature that makes this belt stand apart from the rest is our use of Neoprene as the Padding. If you are familiar with our Wa/Wee Shoulder Pads, you will love the way this belt feels. The Neoprene adds a unique "Gel Like Feel" to the belt while adding a level of Grip that is unlike any other belt system we have seen. The belt has a removable HDPE stiffener sheet through the entire main portion where the 3 continuous Rows of PALS/MOLLE are located for added stability.

There are 3 Access ports for the attachment of subloads directly to the Interior belt. 2 are located on the Hips at 3oclock and 9oclock, the 3rd is located at the 6oclock position to attach Dump Pouches directly to the Inner Belt. 4 Suspender Attachment points are located around the belt.

All Belts Are Made to Pants Waist Sizes Between 2 Sizes. How it actually fits depends on where you wear it around your body, as some hips are wider than waists.. Please use the chart below to figure out the best size for you. Take a cloth tape and measure where you are gonna wear the belt. So basically the measurement around your waist, find the closest Around Your Waist Measurement that you are over in the chart below. If you measure 44.5 around your waist, pick up the Large Modular Belt because the XL will overlap. If cloth tape is not available a piece of string or rope used then measured will work. The object is to get the ends as close together as possible without overlapping. A Gap of up to 5" may be present on some wearers.

The Belt Size (Your Pants Size) -- Around Your Waist Measurement -- Columns of MOLLE
Small Modular Belt (28"-30") -- 30.5" end to end -- 16 Columns of MOLLE
Medium Modular Belt (32"-34") -- 35.5" end to end -- 20 Columns of MOLLE
Large Modular Belt (36"-38") -- 41" end to end -- 23 Columns of MOLLE
X-Large Modular Belt (40"-42") -- 46.5" end to end -- 27 Columns of MOLLE
XX-L (44-46) and XXX-L (48-50) belts are now available for selection for an additional charge.

Covered by HSGI's Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.