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Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Applications Sling (VCAS)

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The Patent Pending Vickers Combat Applications Sling has revolutionized the way we carry automatic rifles. Developed with industry friend, firearms expert, and former 1st SFOD- Delta operational member Larry Vickers, the Vickers Combat Applications Sling incorporates key features from real world experience that makes the sling effective and durable - the choice sling requested by name. The Vickers Combat Applications Sling has been our most popular product of all- with service in every branch of service here at home as well as several foreign militaries.

Able to quickly transition from carrying a slung rifle comfortably to combat ready, the patent pending Quick Adjuster has bridged the gap between the two primary uses of weapon slings – from transporting to fighting. All VCAS Slings are built with precision and pride right here at home in the US with superior materials.

  • TEX 90 bonded nylon thread – never had a sling returned for stitching failure
  • Invista Solution Dyed CORDURA webbing – low IR, soft enough for comfort but stiff enough to prevent rolling and hardening
  • ITW Acetal Hardware – Ghillie-Tex low IR military grade plastic reduces noise and weight (on OA models only)
  • Differentiated Adjuster pull tab – different color stands out enough for quick adjustment, tactile indicator for use in the dark or with gloved hands.

To provide greater versatility, no attachment hardware is included but can still be threaded through existing slings loops. This sling combined with any variation of hardware the Sling Hardware section enables this sling to attach to almost any weapon.

Vickers Combat Applications Sling is available in two hardware options - Acetal, a low IR military grade plastic or machined aluminum.  

  • Acetal hardware (OA Models) has acetal adjuster, Acetal triglides.
  • Machined aluminum (OM Models) have machined and anodized aluminum adjuster, steel triglides.

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Webbing is 1.25 inches wide


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