When 215 Gear designed the ELW Operators Hat, they thought they had the lightest possible configuration of a tactical hat....they proved themselves wrong w/ this Ultimate Operators Hat!  Made from the most lightweight, cutting edge materials available. From the lightweight soft shell base layer, to 215 Gear's Custom lightweight mesh, and the Multicam Velcro. The sweatband is upgraded to a performance sweat wicking material, not available before. Total weight is an extremely low 1 ½ oz. This truly is the Ultimate hat you can buy. 

The typical top button has been replaced with a patch of female Velcro.  Two large Multicam 2 x 3 inch Velcro patches are added to attach your own American Flag/ IR patches.  Adjustable Velcro closure. One size fits all.          


Lifetime Warranty, Made in the U.S.A  

Crye Precision Multicam used.

215 Gear Ultimate Blended Operator's Hat