Why We Carry The Benchmade Brand

We here at U.S. Elite believe you should always have top quality gear you can trust -- in case you ever find yourself in harm's way. Whatever the situation you are in, you want equipment that does what it says it will do and completes that task it’s meant for. Anything else, just won’t do. That’s why we trust brands that have a history of providing quality products and support the end user in their mission. The Benchmade brand ticks all of these boxes for us and they will for you too! Benchmade aligns with our principals as a company, is made in the USA and has a history of working with Special Operations personnel.

Why We Love Benchmade Knives

One of the many reasons we love Benchmade Knives so much is that they have a long history working with the United States Military and U.S. Law Enforcement. From designing safety hooks for medic kits and IFAK pouches, to working with Greg Thompson to develop the SOCP Dagger -- Benchmade has been at U.S. military and law enforcement’s aid. Benchmade’s relationship with the United States Military and Special Operations community, can be seen in many of the brand’s knives, including the Black Series knives. A collection of knives designed especially with the military or law enforcement personnel in mind. These tools are meant for professionals, in situations where performance is a must and quality equipment mean the difference between life and death.

Why We Use Benchmade Knives

Benchmade has consistently produced knives of the highest quality, with the latest technology, all while keeping to the ‘made in the USA’ promise. U.S. Elite and our end-users know they can trust a Benchmade Knife when they most need it. From using the maintenance of the LIFESHARP service where Benchmade will inspect, clean, lubricate, and sharpen their products, to a LIFETIME warranty on everything they make -- these are trusted pieces everyone should have.

Benchmade 176 SOCP Black Dagger

Created by Greg Thompson who trains all United States Army Special Operations Forces in his Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP). Thompson designed the SOCP dagger itself to enhance the combative training and the SOCP’s self-defense curriculum. Every aspect of the dagger is created to assist the warfighter in the critical close-combat situation, where every millionth of a second or millimeter can be the difference between life and death.

  • The optimal tool for self-defense, allows the user to maintain dexterity and manipulate other objects without putting down the knife. The specialized sheath design also integrates into gear and webbing while keeping a low profile. MOLLE compatible.
  • Finger ring allows the user to maintain control of the dagger even in the middle of arm-to-arm combat or while reaching for a sidearm.
  • Specially designed sheath makes the dagger difficult to be pulled out by anyone other than the wearer.
  • Sheath design maintains a low profile but integrates into the end user's kit whether by means of MOLLE or the clip
  • Available in multiple styles including the 178 with a serrated edge for more of an every-day use.

Benchmade 275 Adamas Folder

The Adamas family of knives provides a strong knife intended for hard, tactical use. These knives not only support the active warfighter, but also benefit members and families of the Special Operations community through donations. Portions of the proceeds for these knives are donated to the Three Rangers and Navy SEAL Foundation organizations which support these individuals.

  • The Adamas Series of knives was designed by custom knife maker Shane Sibert to honor the courage and commitment exhibited by our fighting heroes.
  • Honors the courage and commitment of our fighting heroes, even getting its name from the 2nd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment.
  • Heavy-duty handle is meant to fit in your hand comfortably while offering the weight and shape to maintain control at all times.
  • Lanyard hole in handle for attaching paracord or other types of rope.
  • Proceeds from sale go to the Three Rangers and Navy SEAL Foundation, both organizations who support the families and members of the Special Operations community.

Benchmade 3300 Infidel

  • Designed to be used by law enforcement or military personnel as a quick self-defense tool.
  • Double action out the front auto, with an ambidextrous thumb slide.
  • Deep pocket clip allows the Infidel to be low profile low visibility whether carried in a pocket or in a plate carrier.
  • A milled "stepped" handle which allows the user a better grip - this won't slip out of your hand.
  • Sliding button is located on the face of the knife vs. the side making it easy to use.

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