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Exclusive collaboration Salomon Forces & U.s. elite

Sua sponte Mark III

The newest in ultimate assault boots is back and better looking than ever - this time offering more protection including a beefier, puncture and slip-resistant outsole, and the return of the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane end-users have been asking for.

Just like its predecessors, this boot fits right at home on the city streets, around town, on the range, or even in some of the world’s most dangerous locations. The same traction you’ve come to expect from our other models, the easy to adjust Quicklace™ system, unparalleled ankle support, new safety features, and Gore-Tex lining make this an easy choice for your go-to tactical assault boot.


Up and Coming Brand

LOWA Task Force

Made for the toughest conditions so you don't have to think twice about participating in your next adventure.

From scaling Mount Everest to withstanding precarious and demanding conditions of the Mountain Infantry & Special Forces - LOWA Task Force boots prove to be tried and true through it all. Wear the LOWA Task Force footwear line for your next adventure and use them to scale your own mountain.



We here at U.S. Elite believe you should always have top quality gear you can trust -- in case you ever find yourself in harm's way. Whatever the situation you are in, you want equipment that does what it says it will do and completes that task it’s meant for. Anything else, just won’t do.

That’s why we trust brands that have a history of providing quality products and support the end user in their mission. The Benchmade brand ticks all of these boxes for us and they will for you too! Benchmade aligns with our principals as a company, is made in the USA and has a history of working with Special Operations personnel.


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